Merry Christmas Design Edible Drink Toppers


Product Description 

Create stylish cocktails for a truly unforgettable celebration. 

Simply pop one into everyone's glass and enjoy!

They make a great accessory to decorate drinks everyone will love.

We sell our toppers in sheets and have 2 different sizes available

Our drink toppers are completely edible, Gluten Free and Vegan.

Our toppers work best with a frothy drink or you can also peg or cut to put on the side of the glass.

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  • We sell our toppers by the sheet, choose from 15 per sheet x 2" or 8 per sheet x 3"
  • Simply select how many sheets you would like.
  • Your toppers will come pre-cut to size.

Topper Dimensions:

  • 15 per sheet x 2 Inch
  • 8 per sheet x 3 Inch